Mazda Skyactiv DTC decoder

Currently covers probably all possible Skyactiv-G ECUs, Skyactiv-X ECUs, 2MB, 3.75MB and 4MB Skyactiv-D ECus and non-Skyactiv 1MB/1.5 MB Denso diesel ECUs from MY2005, and 1/1.25MB Denso (ZJ/ZY/Z6) and 1MB/2MB Mitsubishi gasoline ECUs from MY2007. If the ECU is not recognized, it will be added by ongoing request. Decoder isn't free, price for decoding one file is equivalent to one 🍺. Instructions how to buy me one 🍺 you will find in readme.txt in generated ZIP file (only part with modified BIN file is password protected, use 7-Zip, WinZip, WinRAR to open ZIP file and read carefully the instructions). It can generate a full DTC mappack for WinOLS too, see again readme.txt.



Latest updates:

  • 15.04.2024 - added rare 3.75MB Denso units for SH engines with SCR
  • 19.01.2024 - 4MB Mitsubishi MPC5746 M16 offset detection improved
  • 17.05.2023 - 4MB Mitsubishi HF01 (2.0 Skyactiv-X engines from MY2018) added, test HF02 if you have some
  • 19.05.2023 - 4MB Denso S801/S805/SH9V (1.8 Skyactiv-D/2.2 Skyactiv-D with SCR engines) added
  • 20.05.2023 - 512kB Denso SH7055/1MB Denso SH7058 (ZJ/ZY/Z6 engines with calibrations in PHF format) added
  • 20.05.2023 - 1MB Denso SH7058 (L8/LF engines with calibrations in PHF format) added
  • 21.05.2023 - older 1MB Mitsubishi E6T5 (L8/LF/L3/L3T engines with calibrations in PHF format) in progress

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